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Another World-Oh so close!

  • Easton

  • Sophisticated and lively, Easton has evolved into Talbot County`s “big city.” Downtown, you`ll find boutiques, home décor shops, art galleries, and antique stores. Take a peek at the latest exhibits at the Academy Art Museum. For an infusion of local talent, pop into Troika Gallery and take home a framed memento of the Shore created from the palettes of the regions finest painters and photographers. Easton`s restaurants and chefs are pure culinary gems. Take a look at Mason`s memory wall, and your will easily recognize movie stars, political and music icons, all of which enjoy the restaurant`s food and atmosphere.


    Mythology and nostalgia have given us the All-American hometown that never was; a place where the sun is always bright, cookies are always coming out of the oven, the paint is always shiny, and the flowers are always in full bloom ...


    Well! Easton is far more real than that!


    Easton, Maryland, 'the 8th Best Small Town in America' is an arts and cultural center with a population of  over 14,000 individuals who love living in a small town that offers the best of many worlds; access to large metropolitan areas like Baltimore, Annapolis, Washington, and Wilmington; good health care from a strong local hospital and medical community; casual and gourmet dining; shopping for all budgets from collectibles to fine antiques; eclectic art galleries; numerous public golf courses; the splendid Chesapeake Bay and its tributaries in their backyard for sailing, canoeing, kayaking, and crabbing; a historic Town Center with Colonial and Victorian architecture; and an active local community that welcomes new ideas and enthusiasm.


    Easton has deep historical roots; in 1711, the first courthouse for Talbot County established the site of the town and it has been the center of trade and government ever since. Since the earliest days, the town residents have been people who came to do business, participate in county government, and be a part of the community's future. Today's residents are no different; many have moved to Easton for the same mix of small town community life and economic opportunity that have been attracting people since the early eighteenth century. This is not a static, backwater group of people!


    What is it about the place that makes you know you are in Easton?


    A local family might say that Easton feels like home. A town with big porches on old houses, big trees along shady streets, Little League baseball and 4th of July at the VFW, downtown shops and a fine library, neighbors you know and neighborhood schools.


    A retired couple that enjoys visiting Easton might think of the Waterfowl Festival in early November, the charm of the Historical Society, the Avalon Theater, and the Academy Art Museum; the fine restaurants and the hospitality of the Bed and Breakfast innkeepers; and the courtesy of the shopkeepers and the success of the Historic District in protecting the fine old buildings and gardens.


    Sailors and sportsmen would be enthusiastic about the world class sailboat racing and cruising, and also fishing, hunting, and golfing.


    High-tech business owners would point out that they can enjoy a great quality of life while being an hour or two away from major commercial centers by excellent highways or by air from Easton's municipal airport.


    But ... back to the mythology! Easton is a real place, not a nostalgic 'Main Street USA' as envisioned by Disney World. What Easton DOES have is a great mid-Atlantic climate where the outdoor activities are enjoyed from April through November, an enthusiastic citizenry that takes pride in the Town's past and has worked hard to protect its architecture and landmarks, and a historically based central role as the court and business center of Talbot County.

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